Service Combinations

During the many years of Entech’s Operations we have successfully implemented a combination of our services to meet our customers’ expectations. Entech has accomplished this by having clearly defined position profiles containing each positions roles and responsibilities communicated to each of our technicians prior to beginning any work. We then take these core Position Profiles and review them with each individual customer to make any needed adjustments and combinations to the roles and responsibilities to meet the needs of the individual customer and project. This process of engaging our customer to ensure Entech understands the expectations prior to the start of a project has helped Entech provide quality service to our customers and ultimately the customer satisfaction Entech strives to achieve.

Example Service Combinations

  • EMT-B/Safety Officer
  • Safety Officer/Clerk
  • EMT-B/Clerk
  • EMT-P/Safety Officer
  • EMT-P/Clerk