Safety Support

It has been proven that a proper in-depth safety program can reduce accidents and risks in. Entech can provide your work site with specially trained safety technicians or medic/safety technicians to assist you in implementing your safety program. Our Safety Technicians are well versed in safety application, behavioral safety, job safety analysis, etc. and can help make your work site the safest working environment possible.

Sample of Job Duties

  • Facilitation of Safety Meetings
  • HLO (Helicopter Landing Officer)
  • Assist in Maintenance of HSE Information for Facility
  • Assist with Incident Causal Analysis
  • Implementation of Customers Safety Programs on Location
  • Performs Safety Inspections on Customer Site
  • Assist in Communications
  • Assist in Administrative Duties as needed by Customer
  • Audits for Compliance with applicable Regulations
  • Perform Safety Training where applicable